SERVICE. The selection features some of the most prestigious Italian techniques and is designed for an international audience who seeks exclusivity and uniqueness.

“[…] Carrying out projects taking into account the solidity (firmitas), the utility (utilitas), and the beauty (venustas)[…]”

Vitruvius, De Architectura, 1st century BC.


his catalogue features some of the most prestigious Italian artisanal techniques. It was designed for a passionate international clientele seeking exclusivity and uniqueness.
Chiara Pecorelli will assist you in the conception and the realization of a project whose authentic Italian identity will harmoniously blend in the local peculiarities of your home, be it in Paris, London, Tokyo or elsewhere in the world.
The collaborative process starts with an advisory phase where details of the project are decided together, including renderings and cost estimates. Once the project is validated, a team of highly specialized artisans from Italy will start their work on-site. Each of the techniques featured in our catalogue can be tailor-made and re-interpreted to suit your taste preferences.

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