“MADE IN ITALY”. This catalogue aims to present a heritage of experiences and memories, reinterpreted in a contemporary key.

Remaining faithful to the authenticity of Italian artisanry, the product of an ancestral culture…

Each city, village, and town, whatever its size, is a mirror, reflecting Italy in its eternal diversity: an Italy made of stories and traditions, of beauty, of stone, of colours.
These are differences that have led to war and to the creation of borders and high walls, as well as to profound historical, religious, and political incomprehension. But it has also pushed us to distinguish ourselves in creativity and inventiveness and Italy has always boasted an extraordinary variety of activities in the field of art and architecture which have made it famous the world over.

…while developing innovative styles using elegant and improved materials

In the midst of all these differences, Italy’s creative inventiveness found fertile ground, giving life to the “manual know-how” of the great artisanal tradition, which was able to look towards the horizon of new technologies, without forgetting the richness of its quality and traditional materials.
We need only traverse this beautiful country in order to walk into memory, to sink our feet into a cloth soaked through with tradition, art, and technology and discover small and mid-sized companies, unknown to the wider public.
Often, they are family businesses rooted in creation “by hand”, appreciated more for their products than for their names. They look to innovation as a means of defending tradition, by using avant-garde technologies in order to attain excellence, both through the use of new materials and in the pursuit of a contemporary aesthetic language.

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